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Manage Liquidity on Raiden Nodes

These operations involve on-chain transactions and cost fees

Depositing/withdrawing tokens from a Raiden channel require interaction with the blockchain and as such will require ETH to be performed. Make sure that the account has enough ETH and avoid doing these operations if not stricly necessary

If you want to allow your users to make transfers without paying gas fees, it is a good idea to keep your Raiden nodes with enough funds. If the outflow of funds is larger than the inflow, the funds available on the channels will go down, so you might need to "top-up" these channels.

Conversely, if your users are using Raiden as a way to receive payments, the balance on your funds will increase. You might want to use those funds somewhere else like a yield-generating DeFI protocol or your users might want to convert their funds to a token that is not yet available on Raiden. For these cases you will need to withdraw from the raiden channel into the account's base-layer.

Here is what you need to do, as a hub operator, to manage the funds on the Raiden channels.

Login as administrator on the frontend app

You need to have an administrator account to access information about the raiden nodes that are under control of the hub.

Find the "Raiden" section of the dashboard

As admin, you should find a "Raiden" section on the left sidebar. This will take you to the section that allows you to manage and make operations on the raiden nodes.

To check the Balance

The main view provides you with a quick overview of each raiden node that you have connected to the hub, and information about its channels:

  • The channel Identifier
  • The channel network
  • The token and the available balance

To make a deposit on the channel

This operation might take some time. Pay attention to gas fees

In the case of network congestion, it might happen that the transaction needed to complete the deposit take a long time to complete.

Once you found the channel you'd like to add funds to, just click the "Deposit" button. You will see a form asking for the desired amount. Submit the form, and you will see a notification indicating that the deposit was initiated.