1. What is Hub20?

    Hub20 is a free/open source, self-hosted payment gateway and wallet which allows you to make/receive payments in any cryptocurrency available on the Ethereum blockchain. It provides functionality that allows people to accept payments online privately and securely, without any dependency on banks or credit card processors or any kind of middle-man.

  2. Is it practical to make payments in the blockchain? Transactions are slow and expensive, aren't they?

    Yes, with so many people learning about Ethereum and more applications being developed on top of it, the network has been congested and even simple operations can cost tens of dollars.

    To alleviate this problem, every instance of Hub20 also incorporates a Raiden node, which allows great transfer throughput and virtually free transfers.

  3. Is Hub20 a Custodial Wallet?

    The short answer would be "Yes, users of any instance do not have access to the keys and have to trust the hub operator.".

    The more elaborate answer is Hub20 is designed with a very clear trade-off between trustlessness and usability. Hub20 is designed to be used by tech-savvy operators who want to provide a wallet for users who have some sort of "real-world" trust relationship.