The pages in this section of the documentation are aimed mostly at those who are setting up and/or operating a Hub20 instance. They assume deep familiarity with how Ethereum works as well as any interaction with other systems (e.g, Raiden).

This section is meant to take you step-by-step though some key aspects of the work needed to keep an instance operating and serving your users. They are not meant to explore topics in depth or provide reference material, but should leave you with a good idea of how to get everything working.

If you are just looking about how to use the connect to an already existing instance of Hub20 and use functions provided by it, please refer to the Users Manual.

The tutorials follow a logical progression, starting on how to create ethereum accounts that will be used by the server until you have your instance capable of processing payments through both the blockchain as well as the integrated Raiden node.

  1. A Quick Look at Hub20
  2. Creating Ethereum Wallets that will manage the funds for the hub
  3. Installation and Deployment Hub20
  4. Setup user accounts
  5. Funding wallets
  6. Execute Raiden contracts

If you think of any potential improvement for these tutorials or if you find any issue to report, please don't hesitate to reach out on Github or our Matrix chat room.