Create Merchant Store

Once you have an account at a Hub20 server, you can create an unlimited number of stores as a different integration point to receive payments from your customers.

To create a store, make sure you are logged into your account and find the "Stores" section in the left menu.

Store Dashboard

Select the Add New button.

Create New Store

You should provide a name and a URL mostly for identification purposes. The most important part of these options is to indicate which tokens are you willing to accept payments. The list of tokens available for selection depends on the configuration from the Hub Operator. If you wish to accept a token that is not on the list, contact the operator of the instance you use and see if they can add it for you.

Store Edit

The created store will be listed now on the dashboard, and you will see its Store Identifier. If you click the Edit button, you will also be able to see the Store Public Key. This key is used to for any kind of integration that relies on signed JSON Web Tokens between the Hub and your application to ensure that the user has not tampered with any payment confirmation.