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You can manage which tokens you want to track in your wallet by clicking on the Asset Management menu option.

Manage tracked tokens

The top list will contain information about all tokens that you want to manage. Tokens that are on this list will be on your "funding" and "overview" sections at all times.

You can add tokens from any chain which is connected to the hub and that is listed by the hub operators. You can find the tokens by name or symbol, and just mark the checkbox to add/remove them from your list. Removing a token does not remove your balances or any of your transaction history, it only affects your view in the wallet.

Manage token lists

The main use-case for token lists at the moment is for those who want to use the hub as a payment gateway. Sellers need to say which tokens they want to accept for payment and buyers need to choose from these options.

To make a new token list, just select the Add new option on the Token List panel, and you have a form prompting for the needed details.