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Hub operators who have direct access to the server running their instances can make use of the command-line utility (based on django-admin)

Below is a list of the commands available. You can also obtain more information about these commands by calling django-admin help or django-admin <command_name> help


Loads all chain information according to chainlist schema

Usage: django-admin load_chain_data [-h] [--url URL]


Saves a new blockchain into the database

Usage: django-admin register_blockchain [-h] --id CHAIN_ID --name NAME [--provider-url PROVIDER]


Saves information about a Raiden node that you want to integrate with the hub

Usage: django-admin register_raiden [-h] --chain-id CHAIN_ID --raiden RAIDEN_URL


Calls Raiden node to execute channel deposit

Usage: django-admin deposit_to_raiden_channel [-h] --raiden-url RAIDEN_URL --channel CHANNEL_IDENTIFIER --amount DEPOSIT_AMOUNT


Calls Raiden node to execute channel withdrawal

Usage: django-admin withdraw_from_raiden_channel [-h] --raiden-url RAIDEN_URL --channel CHANNEL_IDENTIFIER --amount DEPOSIT_AMOUNT