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Connect to Ethereum-compatible Blockchains

You can use Hub20 to interact with any EVM-compatible blockchain that has nodes that follows its JSON-RPC protocol - e.g, Binance Smart Chain, xDAI, Polygon/Matic and also the Layer-2 rollups such as Arbitrum and Optimism.

Loading all chains from

If you just want to get all information from the most popular blockchains, you can start by loading the list compiled by Chainlist. The load_chain_list command is provided.

docker-compose exec web django-admin load_chain_list
django-admin load_chain_list

Loading information about specific/custom blockchains

To add a new chain, you can use the register_blockchain command:

docker-compose exec web django-admin register_blockchain --id <chain_id> --name <name> (--provider-url <url_of_web3_provider>)
django-admin register_blockchain --id <chain_id> --name <name> (--provider-url <url_of_web3_provider>)

Managing Blockchains and providers through the admin

To add more information about the chains or the nodes that you want to use to connect to these blockchains, you will need to use the admin site.

The main admin view

The "Ethereum Blockchains" section on the admin main dashboard is where you can manage anything related to connecting to EVM-compatible blockchains.

Ethereum Blockchains Section on Admin

Add a new chain to the database

By clicking on the 'add' link on the chain section, you will be presented with a form where you can provide the data about the chain.

If you are adding a blockchain that is already public and used by other people, you should use a name that is most recognizable. Chain IDs are MUST be unique. The short name attribute is also meant to be an unique identifier, but no software still uses or enforces it at any level. If you are not sure of what information to provide here, you can refer to Chainlist.

You might also be interested in providing some metadata, i.e, if you want to indicate that this chain is a test network, or if it is a sidechain that connects to "main" chain (like Gnosis/xDAI), or if it is a roll-up (like Optimism/Arbitrum)

Add new chain on Admin

Add a new provider

To add a new provider, simply indicate the URL of the node. If your node requires some form of authentication, you can put the credentials in the <username>:<password>@<host> format.

Add new web3 provider on Admin