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Payment Networks

Hub20 started its development as a gateway for Ethereum and Raiden and to allow its users to have a common mechanism to accept payments and make value transfers. Starting with version 0.5.0, this concept has been extended so that a Hub20 instance can be integrated with any programmable network:

Naturally, the idea of "programmable money" is built-in into cryptocurrency and blockchains, but even initiatives from traditional financial institutions to modernize payments could lead to integrations with Hub20. With the current architecture, it would be possible to use Hub20 to integrate with banking networks (e.g, SEPA in Europe, PIX in Brazil, India's NPCI or the up-coming FedNow from the USA) to track payments and initiate payouts in the appropriate currency.

Verifying the networks the hub is connected to

The endpoint /networks will list all the active networks in the hub. This will show the id of the network (an internal identifier), its type, its name and a basic description. The /networks/<network_id> endpoint should give you more information, specific to the network.